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What corruption, you ask?

Updated: Aug 31

In response to the people who are curious where corruption exists in the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office and our local law enforcement, I'll share a condensed version of this story.

I was recently confronted for stating that there is corruption at KCSO. Look everyone, here are the facts: Everyone in this race has spoken about corruption at the Sheriff’s Office. John Grimm had a video about it on his site before the Primary. Rick Whitehead said it at his speech to the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Mike Bauer comments on my posts in agreement with me. Bob Norris and I talked about corruption on the phone and he said he had heard about it from within the KCSO. I’m sorry to burst some peoples' bubbles over this; but it’s real. We need a Sheriff that confronts problems, not one that hides them. I will eliminate corruption from the KCSO.

Although there are many examples of nepotistic Internal Affairs and corruption at KCSO, I’ll give examples that I was involved in to satisfy everyone. First a list of relevant facts that are recorded at the Kootenai County Courthouse, Federal Courthouse, FBI, Kim Edmondson’s website, and the Kootenai County Deputy Sheriff’s Association debates.

Missing Investigative Files from KCSO:

1. Kim Edmonson was the Head of Detectives at KCSO when employees Brad Watt, Jeff Ward, Matt Armstrong and others gathered information for personal use, claiming it was for KCSO.

2. Dan Soumas took over that department from her.

3. I gathered information against them and turned them into the FBI.

4. The FBI requested the files from KCSO and they couldn’t provide them.

5. An internal investigation, run by Kim Edmonson was started, looking in to her missing files.

6. Dan Soumas was terminated, for among other things, not being able to provide the files to a federal agency, ending the internal investigation.

Here is the short version of a very, very, long chain of events. Brad Watt, Jeff Ward, Matt Armstrong, and others ("The Gang") wanted me to collect information on people, claiming it was on behalf of KCSO. As they showed me who and what Information they wanted, I sold them out to the FBI.

When I was interviewed by someone impersonating RPD officer (Alex Carrington), using his car and uniform outside of Rathdrum, in Kootenai County, I reported it to KCSO. When I called it in, Alex’s wife (Lisa Carrington) answered the call (small town), then she went on to state that police officers can loan their cars and uniforms to conduct police business. This common practice was held up by KCSO as a legitimate action, despite being against KCSO policy and Idaho State Law. I want to stress that I never gathered information for the gang. I gave false information and turned it in to the gang. While I was doing this, I was collecting the identities of the gang members, and turned them into the FBI. I was able to build a victim profile and get ahead of them and warn their victims.

Part of this happened under Kim Edmonson's tenure, and part under Dan Soumas' tenure, as heads of KCSO detective unit. KCSO was making official decisions (perhaps inadvertently) from information gathered and placed in these unofficial files. The tort case is still in court. The hearing is scheduled for the 1st quarter. I spoke with Kim today and she was unable to provide insight. The case is an open court case and she's scheduled to testify.

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Thank you for reading. Health and happiness to you all.

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