• Justin Nagel

RE-Funding The Police In Kootenai County

As Sheriff, I plan to ask the BOCC to help "move" salary money for a healthier balance. Not DE-funding; but RE-funding.

First of all, I am not in favor of the "DE-funding The Police" movement. That's a terrible idea.

Most people think of our Patrolmen and women when they think of our law enforcement community. It is not as common to think about our Detention Deputies. These are the individuals that help manage a healthy correctional / jail system.

People don't enter law enforcement to become wealthy; but we need to take care of them as best we can. Unless we are able to get the right increased budget to help across the board, we certainly don't want to take away what salaries any of our employees are working with. I do have one important exception to this rule.

I plan to ask the BOCC (Board Of County Commissioners) to reduce salaries of the Command Staff positions. I'll start by asking to reduce my salary as Sheriff by $30k. What's important here is that we can divert the newly saved monies to our Detention Deputies. They are underpaid and often overlooked. I need to see them taken better care of, so they can take better care of us.

Imagine these salary reductions:

1) Sheriff drops from about $90k to $60k (as soon as possible)

2) Reduce all Command Staff above "Lieutenants" buy as much as 25% (not to be imposed on current position holders)

This change would create enough workable budget money to increase pay to our Detention Deputies, and hopefully even add more personnel.

There is nothing better than being able to pay an employee, so they can support a healthy life for themself. If we can't pay everyone what they deserve, we should figure out how to pay everyone what they need.

The Command Staff makes over 100% more than the average salary in Kootenai County. The Undersheriff makes about $130k per year. There's a reason they make more than the Sheriff, and that's because of the prerequisites of the position. I appreciate that; but still we could use a little of that salary elsewhere. It's a position of public service. It's not an easy thing to ask for; but I feel the leadership can give a little to get a lot here.

Patrol officers will not experience a reduction in salary, according to this plan.

If given a single choice, it's actually most important to have a place to put people, and people to manage that place than anything else. That's why I urge you all to support me in increasing support, and appreciation for our Detention Deputies.

On that note, I'd like to take a brief moment to thank ALL of our great law enforcement employees, Patrolmen, and Detention Deputies for their patience and their service.

Thank you for reading. Health and happiness to you all,

Justin Nagel

Nagel For Sheriff of Kootenai County 2020

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