• Justin Nagel

Rathdrum Defrauding It's Businesses

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

TAX FRAUD - Rathdrum businesses are paying taxes for police to patrol out of town. There is no contract or way to repay the city. Here's how you can help:

The taxes to pay for the police are paid by business owners. When tax money is misappropriated, that is called "tax fraud" and it is illegal.


  1. Share this information with those you know who own businesses.

  2. Help elect Justin Nagel for Sheriff. He will end this corruption immediately.


  1. Share this information

  2. Contact the Rathdrum City Manager

  3. Download the form and report this crime to the State today SITE / PDF

  4. Download the form and report this crime to the IRS today PDF

  5. Vote for Justin Nagel for Sheriff of Kootenai County. He will end this action.

  6. Help get Justin Nagel elected by helping fund his ad budget LINK

Need to hear the chief of police recorded, saying they will go after subjects when outside of city limits? LINK

For questions or any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Justin Nagel directly:


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