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Posting & Abuse Policy

My criteria for deletion, banning, reporting

updated 8.30.20

1) Using profanity: My Facebook profanity filter is set to “strong”, so FB may automatically filter some material

2) Using abusive language

3) Threatening anyone with violence, illegal, or nefarious actions

4) Answering any questions that people are asking me (on my behalf)

5) Posting things that are disruptive to this constructive process

6) Sending mass private messages to my audience

7) Posting false information

8) Posting anything that may be considered “abuse” by Facebook

With all that said, you are all citizens, and therefore important to me, even if you disagree or dislike me. It’s Ok to disagree with me and you are welcome to do so as long as you are in pursuit of a constructive dialogue. My social media page is meant for people to get to know me better by asking me questions. It enables US to have an interactive dialogue, which should help people decide how they would like to vote.

Think of it this way: My personal FB page is like my house. My Sheriff page is my lawn. During this race, I’m inviting you all to my lawn party to share, learn, debate and work together to understand my policies and intentions, so that you can decide how to vote. If you passionately disagree, it’s Ok to say that and it’s Ok to respectfully grumble (in MY yard) with others. Then, go cast your vote. You want to drive away and yell something mean at me? I may leave it up. It is NOT Ok to run around my yard and yell and scream repeatedly and disrupt a constructive process. There are others who are trying to get real answers here and I’m trying my best to provide them. Give me time and I will do so. We are trying to work together. Like me or don’t. Please let everyone try to navigate these things as clearly as possible.

Of course I support the first amendment, as it has enabled me to speak my mind and run for public office. On the other hand, if you abuse any of the rules above, I reserve the right to remove content or ban you. That is what those features are for. I have to draw the line somewhere and I think that’s a pretty fair place. I also reserve the right to update this policy. Thanks for understanding.

Best wishes and thank you for your participation.



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