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POWER GRAB: KC Deputy Sheriff Association forms PAC to manipulate 2020 election.

Many of our law enforcement employees are out to force THEIR favorite candidate down the throats of us, the citizens who pay their salaries. This is not acceptable.

PROOF: Representing only some, not all of our officers, a select group of our employees form a second, special interest group, a PAC (Political Action Committee), with the SAME NAME, to back Norris and try to force their will upon the citizens of Kootenai County. It is ILLEGAL for a 501c3 to use funds or status to influence political elections. So, the association, chose to get serious about it's special agenda and formed this PAC.

Notice the details in red. We can no longer trust this organization, as they don't want what the people want. They want the people to deal with what THEY want.

Deputies are our employees. We don't need them telling us what to do or how to vote.

Link to this live document

Link to county PAC search page

Photo of county PAC search result

Photo of KCSDA 501c3 website contact page (same as PAC)

Elect Justin Nagel for Kootenai County Sheriff.

OF the people - FOR the people.

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