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CDA Press Virtual Town Hall

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

KC Sheriff candidates square off in important debate.

I was honored to engage in a very important debate, hosted by CDA press on Wednesday. I strongly encourage you to watch this and share it. It gets better and better. All three candidates spoke their minds, and although we don't always agree, let's use it to help educate the voters to make their decisions. I thank the CDA Press for hosting, and the other candidates for their participation.

You may notice that I brought up one specific form of corruption in Kootenai County, whereby Rathdrum Police have been illegally patrolling Kootenai County. Bob Norris must have completely missed this, as he proceeded to ask for specifics on corruption. Also, make sure and catch the close of the debate. I chose to name some names, including people close to Norris supporters. Those names are in relation to Greg Moore (K27), Misty Phelps and more.

Have a great weekend.

Link to debate video:


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