Justin Nagel


Derived from the Latin word "Justus" 

Meaning: "Just, True, and Righteous." 

Thank you for your visit. My story isn't from Hollywood. It's humble, yet rich. In certain ways, it's the same story that many of us share together with generations of other Kootenai County locals. From back when children learned to hunt and fish. You could ride a horse across your neighbor's property. Dirt roads lined the prairie. If you had a lawn, it faded into the street. We sat on our Grandparents' laps at the Grange. People helped each other when in need. Kids did chores before dinner. We knew the value of family, and the importance of a strong work ethic. We were "country." It was the real deal. We were Idahoans. We are Idahoans. I'm proud of how we've grown into the digital age together; but glad to share that strong foundation with so many locals.  

I was born in Coeur d'Alene in 1978. After some early years in Athol, my parents moved us to Rathdrum, where I grew up on the original 200 acre homestead of my great grandparents. I learned from a young age to hunt elk and deer, as well as hunting upland game bird, and waterfowl... Of course, that's when I wasn't fishing. It's a way of life to us here that so many cherish.

After developing my early love for outdoor sports, my parents carefully broke the news that I would be unable to just hunt and fish every day for the rest of my life. Then they convinced to try school. Though I was quite skeptical at first, it was for the best. My favorite years were the ones at Lakeland High School in Rathdrum, where I lettered in track and soccer, made lifetime friends, had great mentors, and great adventures.


My elders taught me gun safety and etiquette at 5 years old. That's when I started with lessons on my Father's 22 long rifle. I learned to respect and love the sport. Through the years, my experience with legal gun ownership and use has grown with me. I'm a highly skilled marksman. I've helped many people to learn and enjoy their firearms. I still go through about 5000 rounds a year, and reload my own ammunition. Understanding how to use guns is an important skill to have, and it comes with great responsibility. Most importantly, it's a constitutional right.


I've always appreciated a good job. I worked summer jobs while in high school. I worked as a mason's assistant as a "hod" carrier for my uncle. I also had a tree thinning business with a partner throughout high school. At 19, I spent some time underground mining in Elko Nevada. I worked for Cabela's and then at Dave Smith motors. I also spent a year leading a security team for a company in Phoenix. Eventually I developed a great career right here as a carpenter. 

I've been involved in the Rathdrum Lions Club, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Ducks Unlimited. I enjoy community involvement and volunteering. Mostly I just enjoy rubbing elbows with the members of our community - especially the elders. They have a certain something that's hard to find elsewhere, and I soak up what I can, while I can. I expect to return to these 3 organizations once time permits.

As for family: I've been blessed with a great family life. We enjoy time together daily. I haven’t found the time to settle down yet; but as we all know, a great life is a great life shared, and I look forward to having a full house someday.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. If you have questions, I'd be happy to try and connect via email or phone. My days start at 4:30AM and goes until midnight; but I'll do the best I can to reply to everyone, personally.

Please remember, this election requires more than an ordinary Sheriff. We have major issues to face and what lies ahead is a very difficult task. It is the duty of the citizens to keep government in check. It's going to take a Sheriff who will represent the citizens... One who is fearless enough and determined enough to make the changes necessary for a better, safer, and more fulfilling Kootenai County for all.

Please consider me for your vote for Kootenai County Sheriff in the November, 2020 election.  


Justin Nagel

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