Sheriff Candidate - Justin Nagel 

A TRUE Idahoan For Sheriff Of Kootenai County

Knowledge - Ethics - Integrity

Kootenai County, this is our Sheriff Candidate. Justin Nagel is a lifelong resident of our county. Nagel appreciates our way of life here and doesn't want to see our law enforcement community become like that of Los Angeles. If you want a Sheriff who knows our community, is FROM our community, knows the difficult issues we face, and is willing to take them on, vote for Justin Nagel. 

From Kootenai County

There's only one candidate in this race who is from Idaho. The other candidates are both former Los Angeles cops. Nobody knows this community better than Justin Nagel. Let's vote for the home team. OF the people - FOR the people.

A Conservative Idahoan

Justin Nagel will preserve the values that have always made Idaho what it is. We don't want to turn our county into a new Los Angeles. Nagel will fight to keep your freedoms, protect and uphold our constitution, laws and policies. 

Pro 2nd Amendment

There's no question on this issue. It is our right to have and use guns. Nagel strongly supports the 2nd amendment. Nagel is against red flag laws. 

Will End Corruption


Nagel has a deep understanding of the issues of corruption within our law enforcement community. We need a leader who will take on these difficult issues to help create an environment that is worthy of our great officers.

Backs The Blue


This county used to know its officers by name. Those days may be gone; but the respect for the selfless work of our great officers must be retained. By providing a better Sheriff's Office, we'll keep our best employees in our county.

Will Put Citizens First


Our law enforcement employees work for us. The Sheriff position is designed to represent the people. Nagel will foster a healthy environment for our employees; while keeping the control in the hands of the community.

Vote for Justin Nagel

I'm Justin Nagel, and I'm running for Sheriff of Kootenai County. I'm the only candidate who is from Kootenai County. I'm a true North Idahoan. I've spent my entire life on our land and our waters. I've been able to watch our community grow through it's high points and low points. I know those in our leadership, and I know our citizens. Over the last 20 years, I have gained an immense amount of experience with law enforcement, the position of Sheriff, law, constitutional protections, and the history of our Sheriff's department.

Many of our citizens are unaware of the inner workings of our law enforcement community. Many just trust and hope everything is fine, and that's normal. At this time I'd like to say to them, and all my fellow citizens, we happen to have significant issues to address and resolve in Kootenai County. I believe I know what my fellow citizens want and need in this unusual time. I also believe I can deliver the changes we need to have a healthy relationship with our law enforcement community.  


I've been fortunate to be surrounded by good people, with strong minds and compassionate hearts. I believe my experiences, and my tireless devotion to justice, and a safer, better Kootenai County, will enable me to provide the highest quality leadership as your Sheriff.

Thank you for your visit. Please stay connected with me on our journey to the November, 2020 election. Consider a donation, or even just a social media share, as that will help raise awareness of my candidacy and my campaign.


Wishing the very best to all my fellow North Idahoans, and all the great people who love Idaho. 

Justin Nagel

Nagel For Sheriff



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